The Return of Hockenberry, One More Time


Speaking of John Hockenberry as we were just the other day, we just caught wind of his being selected as the official moderator for the Dwell on Design Conference this upcoming September in San Francisco. While he won’t be there for the full three days (or maybe he will, just not working), he’ll be heading up the one and a half days of conferences. It’s just a press release, so expect the usual “hooray!” banter, but here’s a little:

“We are delighted to have John Hockenberry join us for a weekend that we are designing to be rigorous, celebratory, in-depth, and undoubtedly a bit irreverent,” says [Publisher] O’Connor Abrams. “His singular combination of spirit, intellect and genuine curiosity is an ideal catalyst for thoughtful, lively and meaningful conversation.”