‘The Printed Blog’ Plans for a Second Coming


Remember The Printed Blog? It was all the talk all over the place at the start of last year. A newspaper that was composed of blog posts and online photography, assembled into a weekly free paper. Only launched in a few select cities, we saw a couple of issues and were impressed. Although very well designed and fun to read, it never quit seemed to catch on, and by July of 2009, it had folded. But now it looks like they’re preparing to try again. The good folks at our sister blog, Fishbowl LA, have found a Craiglist post from the The Printed Blog hunting for “editors, writers and trendsetters.” Calling their original business plan “flawed” and apparently moving from a free weekly to something you’ll pay for, it looks like they’ve made some changes but are sticking to the same basic content. Will be interesting to see how round two plays out.