The Politico’s “Howell-Gate” Moment

Remember when Deb Howell’s column on Jack Abramoff set off such a firestorm that had to shut down their comments? Well, the Politico encountered a similar moment recently.

On one of their forums, a heated discussion broke out that caused one commenter to wonder, “What the hell is with this anti-Semitic hate-fest?”

Some of the comments:

  • Why do all these “Democrats” hate Jews?

    One commenter said: “Your vile anti-semitism actually makes me sick to my stomach. You are all contempible, loathesome creatures. I cannot believe you have been allowed to post such repugnant hatred on this forum. How can the moderators allow such cretinism to flourish? Are they complicit?”

    Such mainstream blogs as Little Green Footballs and Powerline Blog picked up on it. Most of the comments that were offensive to other commenters seem to have largely come from one person, “Bushevik,” and the vile didn’t nearly reach the level it did at

    Still, in order to avoid future problems, one has to wonder if there will be any change to the Politico’s comment policy.