The People Who Like To Photograph You In Your Purple ‘Fancy Dinner’ Mumu


Just a couple weekends ago, this writer accompanied his girlfriend on a top secret assignment for a major magazine. The assignment? To take photos of fashion do’s and don’ts. It was a blast. We went to a public square near home here in Chicago, plopped ourselves on a bench, then went about tag-teaming the spotting. “Over there!” we’d say when we saw something good-good or horribly-bad-good. So this piece from Ping Magazine was of particular personal interest: “Interviewing Omotesando Street Fashion Crews.” It’s about, essentially, just what we were doing, spotting the good and the bad, albeit on a far more professional level and utilizing a far less secret method. Here’s some:

11AM – photography crews setting up: while one of the team is choosing the best free spot along the road waiting for the missing members to arrive, others already prepare questionnaires or scan the fashion crowds of the day. The sun beats down without mercy! We spot a first photographer around 45 years old dressed in black waiting hiding under the shade of the trees on the side of the road…