The NYT Grabs Another WSJ Business Journo While Forbes Drops Another Editor, Plus Other News of the Day

Forbes saw more top-management turnover today, as the Business Insider reports Carl Lavin, managing editor of will step away from the company. Lavin joined the website in 2007, but has become just the latest of top editors to leave as new chief product officer Lewis Dvorkin continues his redesign of the company.
– If you’re a media professional that hasn’t tried out Twitter yet, then don’t follow Washington Post columnist Mike Wise’s lead. The sports writer decided to test out the site by posting fake news stories, like “Donovan McNabb will start Sept. 12, I’m told.” People obviously believed him as they’re stories he would normally report. Of course, you wouldn’t have known the tweets were false unless you listened to his local radio broadcast. Wise has apologized for the fake tweets.

– For some, “The Real Housewives” series has brought rather dubious fame, but for others it has nearly destroyed careers. One such example of the downside is photojournalist Charles Ommanney. A veteran of Newsweek, who took pictures of the White House for nine years and had nicknames from presidents, Ommanney has now taken refuge from Washington, D.C. after agreeing to film for the capital version of the Bravo show. It’s not a pretty picture, but the New York Times detailed Ommanney’s fall in a recent profile, displaying what happens when someone normally sitting behind the camera becomes a story himself.

– The NYT stole another business journalist from the Wall Street Journal today. Susanne Craig will cover Wall Street, reporting to the paper’s business section and the blog Dealbook. Craig, who won a Loeb award in 2004, is the second top-notch business journalist to leave the Journal for the NYT in the past month, and the third to leave for a quasi-competitor since spring. Now that three have left, it’s officially OK to call it a trend. So why’s the Journal losing so many business journos?