The New York Times Ditches Editors’ Choice For Free iPad App

In late January Apple CEO Steve Jobs formally introduced the world to the iPad and New York Times executives were on hand to discuss the paper’s special app for the tablet computer.  Jobs showcased the Times front page at January’s presentation and in many of Apple’s iPad ads, making it clear that access to the digital version of the newspaper would be a key selling point for the new device.  Until today, iPad users had to view their Times content through the Editors’ Choice program — an app that offered an abridged version of the paper with only limited material available for readers.  Now, iPad (and iPhone) owners can sign up for a NYT website account directly through the app and enjoy all content for free until early 2011.

The updated “full-blown Times” app contains all sections and articles from the paper as well as interactive blog and video material from the New York Times website.  The change is a welcome one for Times followers, specifically Jobs who — according to a May column by Gawker’s Ryan Tate — was “among the app’s most vociferous critics” and made his “displeasure [known] to senior Times company executives.”  Tate also mentioned that Editors’ Choice was “not even listed in the ‘News’ section of the iPad app store for weeks after the device launched.”

It’s good to know that Jobs and other Times subscribers can rest easy… at least until early 2011.