The Nerdy Shore: Casting Call

The debut cast of The Nerdy Shore: From L to R: Beutler, Weigel, Klein, and Yglesias.

Slate‘s Dave Weigel kept his hands off Weinergate this weekend. Instead, he was busy with some light beach reading: “The sun sets in OBX [Outer Banks] as I read about Alexander Hamilton,” he informed on Twitter.

Weigel, we love it that you took a break from comic books and showed off your intellectual side in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where, incidentally, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein was also vacationing this weekend. A coincidence? We think not. Which sprouted an idea: The Nerdy Shore, a reality show about Boy Banders that encompasses The Real World, Jersey Shore, Revenge of the Nerds and The Rachel Maddow Show all rolled into one. It would be the shittiest reality show ever (and I’m fully aware of the entirety of Bravo’s prime-time line-up). But life is about chances. The boys will swim in the surf and do live shots while Ed Schultz screams pejoratives at women in skimpy bikinis who refuse to “know who he is.” They’ll make outrageously gourmet dinners of vegetarian goulash and figs and do live shots while Weigel and Cenk collect turtles and prep for their 90-minute taping. The video will replace waterboarding in enhanced interrogation techniques of terror suspects. After 20 minutes of that, ANYONE would talk. They’ll argue about the debt ceiling and do live shots as they all gather ’round and watch Klein draw charts in the sand. You get the idea. And don’t be surprised if there’s not a cameo or two by former MSNBCer Keith Olbermann, who’s like a fake father to these young men, much like Darth Vader was a father to Luke Skywalker.

Obviously TPM‘s Brian Beutler, lefty blogger Matt Yglesias, Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman and The Nation‘s Chris Hayes have fairly secure spots on The Nerdy Shore. But who else should only be so lucky to live in his summer nerd house? This is where you come in dear readers. What other Juicebox Mafioso members are in your ideal cast, what themes should they try and who should get to visit? Write us and let us know at or