The Little L that could

The L Magazine.gifCongratulations, L Magazine! The orange-hued alternative mag, best known for interviews with taxi-drivers (yes, they’re talking to them) and general hipster-esoterica befitting the riders on its namesake train, has quietly established itself as a player in New York City, with a circulation that now officially tops 100,000 (NB we don’t think they used the same people as Newsday). According to L Editor-in-chief Jonny Diamond, whose perfect-for-a-punk-rock-frontman name is actually real and who also happens to be Canadian, they’ve added 300 more of their orange distribution boxes (“on top of the 400 extant”) — and a full 200 of them are above 23rd St, reaching beyond the L’s “traditional downtown pale,” up as far as 86th in a bid to totally gentrify the Upper East and West Sides.

They celebrated last night with “a big, successful affair at Suede, if numbers and office hangovers are any measure.” Rock on, Jonny Diamond! Please put us on your list for further parties.