The Lighthouse Lays Off Half Its Staff, Now Controlled by Adminstrators


Following our story from Tuesday about Scotland’s national design and architecture center, The Lighthouse, currently in the same dire financial straights it was in last year before it was bailed out, it looks like it’s the beginning of the end, or at least a very serious bloodletting with the hopes that maybe somehow it can survive trimmed way, way back. Following a board meeting earlier this week, the organization has resorted to desperate measures, announing that it has laid off half its staff and will now be controlled by PricewaterhouseCoopers, to see if things are in any way salvageable. Here’s a bit about the layoffs from the new powers that be:

“Our key priority has been to be open and honest with the staff, and we met with them to announce the loss of 24 jobs with immediate effect.

“Clearly it is disappointing to have to make redundancies and our team will be doing all we can to help these employees at this difficult time.