The Dizzying Page Six-JPS-Burkle Roundup


We had taken a bit of a posting break from the Page Six scandal — following, certainly, but letting the Js and Ps cool off on the keyboard, at least temporarily. But, as one of our readers — who absolutely does not spend his days obsessing over the case at home in the Catskills — points out, there’ve been enough stories of late to warrant a roundup:

  • The FBI investigation into the Anthony J. Pellicano wiretapping trial trips up a connection to Ron Burkle. [via FishbowlLA]
  • Slate delivers it’s own roundup. So does Jossip.
  • Gawker points out a strangely timed omission by the New York Times in a story relating to Pellicano.
  • Myrna Blythe doesn’t get Ron Burkle.
  • The Clintons’ association with RB is going to be trouble for Mrs. Clinton’s run for the White House, says the New York Post.
  • It seems models have taken to blogging about Burkle, occasionally referring to him as a “sea slug.”
  • Vanity Fair, perhaps sensing its lead time is killing the impact of its upcoming June feature that references the Burkle-Pellicano connection, offers a “Sneak Peak” of its story online.

    Could all this apparent (mostly) anti-Burkle press mean the tide of public opinion has turned in Jared Paul Stern‘s favor?