The Daily Caller Successfully Woos Politics Daily’s Matt Lewis

Politics Daily‘s media reporter Matt Lewis is going to work for The Daily Caller. In a memo late Monday night, Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson explains that they’ve had their eye on Lewis for awhile.

And Lewis? He couldn’t take the news of the AOL-HuffPost merger with Arianna Huffington at the helm. So that was that.

The internal memo:

DC Staff,

Please welcome Matt Lewis to The Daily Caller. For the past couple of years, Matt has been probably the best known (and most prolific) writer at AOL’s Politics Daily, where he’s broken a number of noteworthy stories. We’ve been looking at Matt for some time. AOL’s announcement this morning that it will be handing editorial control to Arianna Huffington sealed the deal. Matt called us this afternoon and by dinner he was on board.

Matt’s the second prominent hire we’ve made in a week. That’s not accidental. The coming presidential primaries and election promise to be one of the great political stories in memory, and we’re going to cover the hell out of it. This will be a much bigger company by the time it’s over.

Matt will be here in a couple of weeks. Show him around.