The Atlantic Unveils its 14 3/4 Ideas Issue


The Atlantic‘s July/August Ideas issue goes live this morning.

In it, the publication releases 14 3/4 innovative ideas of the year, including stories such as Accepting Marijuana (by Joshua Green), American Declinism (by James Fallows) and Mourning Boredom (by Walter Kirn). In addition, they have The Stunning Rise of Women (by Hannah Rosen).

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had The Atlantic Editor James Bennet on the show this morning to discuss the special magazine issue. He spoke of putting down the Blackberry and laptop. Not that people should, but just what is happening to the attention span. “It inhibits us from thinking about anything too deeply,” Bennet says of people’s need for the Internet.

HuffPost Sam Stein was also a guest on the show and was apparently thinking about the Atlantic idea of women taking over the world.

At the close, when hosts and guests always say what they’ve learned, Stein told Joe Scarborough that he learned that women taking over the world may not be such a bad thing. Scarborough said anyone who has been married a week knows that women have taken over the world long ago. “You must not be married,” he told Stein. To which the HuffPost scribe replied: “I am married!”

Read The Atantic’s biggest ideas here. See the ideas listed after the jump…



1. The End of Men
2. American is No. 2
3. Boredom is Extinct
4. The Power of No
5. Bonfire of the Knuckleheads
6. The Kids Aren’t All Right
7. Information Wants to be Paid
8. Deficits Matter
9. The Catholic Church Is Finished
10. The Triumph of Free Speech
11. Obama Is No Liberal
12. The Rise of the Drones
13. Teachers Are Fair Game
14. It’s Too Easy Being Green
14¾. Reefer Sanity