The 3 Phases Hiring Process


Just two posts in and I’m already breaking from my plan for today. But, if you’re the person who winds up becoming a wildly successful designer because of me, you’ll thank me later for this little hiccup. Got the info passed over to me from the terrific Susan Kirkland, that there’s a Creative Director opening over at 3 Phases Energy based out of San Francisco. Sounds like a pretty cool gig. Here’s the scoop on the company:

3 Phases Energy, the 2005 Renewable Energy Technology Supplier of the Year, is a national leader in marketing renewable energy solutions and services to utility, corporate, government, nonprofit and residential customers across the United States. 3 Phases Energy’s services include utility green pricing program design and implementation, 100% renewable electricity direct access services, onsite solar photovoltaic system installation services, and retail and wholesale marketing of tradable renewable certificates. We are a fast-growing company of provocative, business-minded, and environmentally committed individuals.

And on the job itself:

3 Phases Energy, a national renewable energy marketing and project development company, is soliciting resumes for an experienced individual to manage its in-house creative department, marketing material design, and the creative production process. This position will be based in 3 Phases Energy’s San Francisco office.