Texas Couple Quit Their Jobs & Traveled to 10 Countries on Tight Budget

globeHave you ever just wanted to quit your job and travel the world? We’ve all been there, felt that at some point to some extent, right?

Well, two years ago Olivia and Seth Hanson of Austin actually did it. According to Business Insider, she ditched her property management job and he left his role in banking. That’s not all: they sold their home in Austin and hopped on a plane for a six-month jaunt. For now we’ll have to live vicariously through their endeavors…He told the site:

“One night we were talking about how great it would be to just take some time off and travel, so we took out a piece of paper and wrote down our dream destinations. Our lists turned out almost identical.”

Turning dreams into action, they planned the trip which included visiting Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and India.

And oh yeah, they did it on a tight budget with $12,000 earmarked for each of them. Plus, they only planned about half of the sites they wanted to visit — the rest was left to impromptu traveling.Their findings? After reaching tourist destinations in South America like Machu Picchu and Rio de Janeiro, they realized touristy spots weren’t exactly their favorite ones to visit. Instead, they preferred more tranquil destinations like Jaisalmer, India.

In fact, they concluded that India was the most authentic destination they visited. By befriending locals who invited them to dine, they also played cricket with local children. Did we mention their one-dollar roadside meals?

While we’re not sure what they’re up to now that their six-month conquest has been completed, it sounds like it was pretty darn fascinating.

Seth recalled, “We stumbled on some Jain temple and walked to the top and could see the whole city. Olivia was crying because it was so beautiful. It was just one of those moments.”