Take Any Job, Or Wait? Why A Bad Job Can Make You Less Qualified For A Good One

278/365 - Hey Guys Hey Guys Hey GuysThe Get To Work blog on SFGate.com points out that while you may feel like in this economy, there’s no such thing as a bad job, sometimes there are real risks to taking a bad job.

A bad job can jeopardize your health (you know how you have to spend all day Sunday preparing for the exhaustion of Monday). It can make you even more stuck, because the longer you’re there, the more you feel like you can’t leave, blogger Kim Thompson says.

You could develop apathy, where you’re just going through the motions but don’t care about being promoted or even doing a good job…which will in turn hurt you when it comes time to show your achievements on a resume or in a job interview for a better job.

Thompson recommends the usual: take care of your health and make goals that will get you out of the bad job sooner than later.