Taegan and Todd Talk Obama’s Curveball Politics at CQ Breakfast

Chuck Todd and Taegan Goddard

Steve Clemons and Taegan Goddard

Taegan Goddard, Steve Clemons and NBC’s Chuck Todd were on hand for breakfast and a political insight panel hosted by CQ and Political Wire yesterday. We told you earlier this month about the new relationship between the two. CQ’s President and Editor-in-Chief Bob Merry was also a panelist.

The topic on hand- Goddard’s theory that President Obama is playing “curveball” instead of the hardball politics that have consumed Washington over the years. He says, “Politics used to be compared to ‘playing hardball’ — named for the baseball thrown faster than a speeding bullet straight for a batter’s head. That’s no longer the case. In the Obama era, the sport can now better be defined as ‘playing curveball’ — after the moving, shifting baseball thrown to fool a batter into swinging wildly and missing.”

Goddard will also lead a live online discussion “Does Obama practice a different kind of politics?” today at 2pm. Tune in here.