SVA Announces Next Two Dot Dot Dot Events


If you’ll recall, we were on hand for the recent School of Visual Artsdot dot dot lecture that featured Gary Hustwit and we had a blast. So we’ve already marked out calendars for their next one, “The Curators,” with a Sharpie, highlighted it twelve times using five different markers, and circled it a half-dozen times with blood red ink. Unfortunately, this resulted in our calendar becoming completely illegible, so we’re using this post to remind ourselves, as well as to encourage you, to get to the White Rabbit on March 11th to see Nicholas Felton, Rebekah Hodgson, Jason Kottke, and Ms. UnBeige 1.0, the charming Jen Bekman. Here’s the description:

Curatorial strategies are spilling out of galleries and museums and into our everyday design practices. As emphasis shifts from designer to consumer, the vital role of designer is often that of mediator, shaping ideas and content created by others into another user experience. How have these new pivots changed the role of designer from one of artisan to one of curator? Four lecturers speak to curation as a way of design life, and how their audiences learn from, are inspired by, and gain insights from it.

Note: their site says the event is already “sold out” but we just received notice from them about the event again, so it’s probably worth your while to find if there’s space available. Worst case, we’ve also been given a peek at the next dot dot dot lecture, which will be held on April 15th, entitled “The Influencers,” and will feature Hillman Curtis, Steven Heller, and Jason Santa Maria. So if you can’t make it in March, make sure to keep an eye out on their events page so you can nab a spot in April.