Survey Reveals Emails are Constant Time Drain

According to Modeuro Consulting researchers from the University of Glasgow and U.K., when leaders ease up on their emails a whole lot of goodness starts happening.

Per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, they looked at seven executives in London and how they literally spent their waking hours. Results pointed to emails as a major time drain to the tune of 90 minutes per day. On average, executives emailed 56 times each day. 

Not only that, it was contagious. Since management leads by example, you can guess what happened next. Their employees took their cues and started sending excessive messages, too.

Yes, at times email can be efficient and a terrific way to share information but researchers surmised it’s not always the best communication vehicle on the job.

In fact, the piece mentioned we only use emails correctly about 20 percent of the time. As for what defines using it incorrectly, it’s useless or requires a phone call or face-to-face conversation for a resolution.