Surprise! It’s the Managing Editor’s Birthday…


Just because The Hill‘s Managing Editor Bob Cusack shares a birthday with President Obama and former White House scribe Helen Thomas does not mean that he will be overshadowed by them.

Just moments ago, the entire staff of The Hill gathered in the conference room to wish Cusack a happy birthday (his wife, Joyce, and children also came). The staff tricked Cusack (the ultimate prankster of the newsroom) into staying back to “meet” with Editor Hugo Gurdon in order to surprise him. It worked. He at least appeared surprised.

Even Cusack’s son, Kyle, a budding prankster, was in on the secret. “He told me he was going to the orthodontist this morning,” Cusack said. “He’s a good actor.”

Funny notes:
1) His wish (when he blew out the candles) was that staff NOT sing Happy Birthday
2) He blew out all the candles on the first try, but one.

FishbowlDC wishes Cusack, Obama and Thomas a very happy birthday.