Sundance Dispatch: Until Next Year…

From FBLA contributor Andrea Wachner on assignment at Sundance.


By the end of day three we were hiding in the bathroom of parties due to social anxiety disorder which we don’t normally have, we were ready to come back to L.A. which we don’t particularly love, and had probably already contracted Sundance Disease, (apparently this is a common TD as it doesn’t require any S).

So though Sundance may officially be over it lives on, in me. As for the actual filmic aspect, we heard a lot of complaining (meow meow meow) about the movies (that they were bad), the turnout (that it was bad), and where the press office was located (though the last one might’ve just been me, it was far and bad!). As a first-timer we’d say Main Street should definitely be closed to traffic during the festival as it turns into a total pedestrian hellscape, someone should do locker rentals cause who wants to carry swag around all day and half the night, and Halls/Airborne/Advil should sponsor a lounge or three.

In summation, dancin’ is exhausting, fun was had, people were met, business cards were accrued, some lbs. were lost (or stolen?), and sadly, we left Park City just as Martin Starr arrived like star crossed lover ships passing in the snowy night.