Summer Job Search on Pause? Try These Three Tips to Stay Sharp

ice cream coneWe’re in the heat of it now! As August approaches you may notice employers are slower and slower in getting back to you. Or interviews are scheduled two weeks out and more thanks to various vacation schedules.

We’re optimists here at MJD-land and in turn, we view this as not a stalled search but rather an opportunity. Here are three ways to leverage this slump to stay sharp in the dog days of summer…

1. Be persistent. You want to be assertive and not annoyingly aggressive, right? Stay on top of your game by following up with folks. Lightly ping them (and by that we mean an email or quick phone call) every other Friday. Do not let important names slide off your list.

Here’s how we view it: The more important they are, the longer it may take to get in touch. We once had a networking coffee that took four months to actually schedule and achieve. You probably have similar tales, too. Keep your eye on the prize. This is all worth it.

2. Line up that interview suit. You know how so much of the interviewing aspect is out of your hands? Sure, there are certainly things you can control like your attitude, behavior and mindset but when people aren’t getting back to you even though they’re hands are tied and they want to move things forward, it can be downright frustrating.

That’s why we really rock out to this tip. Look polished from head to toe! Maybe it’s time to spruce up that wardrobe with an interview suit on sale. Treat yourself to an amazingly comfortable pair of shoes that are also oh-so-shiny. You get the idea. You’re not rushed; instead, you can take your time in finding one that is comfortable, one that looks professional and oh yeah — one that is on sale.

3. Hone your soft skills. Have you ever been to an improv night at your local comedy club and struck up a conversation with a total stranger?

Okay, we admit — we haven’t either but why not start? Seriously — put yourself in social situations where you need to talk to strangers. Venture outside your comfort zone. And have fun with it! Think of these experiences as talking points for small talk during future interviews in knowing that you can seriously shoot the breeze with the best of ’em.