Stuff Journalists Like

I was checking up on Stuff White People Like, the hilarious blog that spawned the equally thought-provoking Stuff Educated Black People Like, when I realized nobody has accounted for the journalists of the world. So here it is, Stuff Journalists Like:

1. Messenger bags
2. All the President’s Men
3. Blackberrys
4. Holiday sweaters
5. Seinfeld
6. AP Stylebook
7. Vests with large pockets
8. Free food
9. Correcting bad grammar/typos
10. “This American Life”
11. Button-down shirts
12. Action figures
13. Exclusives
14. Credentials on lanyards
15. Small cars
16. Debates
17. Baseball caps
18. Blogs
19. Anchorman
20. Reporting overseas
21. The New York Times
22. Coffee
23. Telephoto lenses
24. Conferences
25. Lists
26. Standing up for the little guy
27. Cake

Feel free to add your own observations in the comments.

EDITED TO ADD: Visit the blog Stuff Journalists Like for more