Study Shows Listing Religion on Resume Yields Less Recruiter Calls

yogaWe had to read this twice, too. Here’s the deal — according to a study published in Social Currents from the Southern Sociological Society, job candidates who listed their religion on their resume are less likely to receive an email from an employer. We have to wonder why candidates are listing their religion on a resume in the first place? If we’ve done one public service announcement of the day, it’s to keep your religion off your CV. And political affiliation, too. And if the yoga photo is any proof, we couldn’t even decide what religion to include visually without offending someone else so we went with something neutral: The religion of yoga.The only time when it’s acceptable is if the job you’re pursuing is affiliated with that religion and you want to show that you preach the same gospel. Or if you’re pursuing a job at a political party that’s the same one you support.Above all, keep in mind your resume should be based on the skills and experiences you bring to the table which exemplify the employer’s needs.