Study: Mobile Readers Spend More Time on Long-Form Articles

Small screens aren't stopping readers.

A new study from the Pew Research Center found that for mobile news readers, long-form articles are a significant draw.

The report analyzed data from more than 74,800 mobile articles via 30 news sites. Readers spent about twice the amount of time on long-form pieces (defined as 1,000 words or more) than on short-form pieces. The average engagement time was 123 seconds for long-form and 57 seconds for short-form.

The Pew study also found that while there are many more short-form pieces created for the mobile reader, long-form articles attract just as many eyeballs.

“Article for article, long-form stories attract visitors at nearly the same rate as short-form: 1,530 complete interactions per long-form article and 1,576 per short-form,” explained the report.