Street Art Colouring Book Lets Kids Tag Along with Banksy

street art colouring book.jpgAs any child with a fresh Crayola 64-pack will tell you, a good coloring book is hard to find. Turns out one just has to look across the Atlantic, where kids are mastering grafitti writing styles with the help of the Street Art Colouring Book, created by Londoner William Warren and his street art collective Vopstars. The book features 20 large-format photographs of tagged walls to color. Graffiti students begin with basic “bubble” lettering and advance to the more freeform “wildstyle” before getting a blank wall to adorn as they choose. Along the way, they can read the musings of the artists who created the original works. One Vopstars member compares his style to bubble gum “that you blow up until it bursts on your face.” Available stateside from The Spoon Sisters.