Standalone mobile app for Facebook page management coming soon

Facebook has created a standalone page management app for iOS devices, we’ve confirmed following an initial report from 9to5Mac. The app, called Pages Manager, is available in New Zealand but could roll out more widely soon.

[Update 5/21/12 7:54 p.m. – The app now appears in the U.S. app store here.]

Based on screenshots provided in the New Zealand App Store, the app appears similar to Facebook’s existing iOS app, but it adds page notifications and insights, as well as eliminates any features that are not related to pages. The app could help page owners monitor their pages and respond to fans more easily. With the and the main Facebook iOS and Android apps, page admins can access their pages and write on their Timelines as a page, but there is no ideal way to get notifications or analytics without a third-party service. Pages Manager likely gives admins the option of receiving push notifications about recent page activity.

Making this a standalone app makes sense in order to not further complicate the main Facebook app. Spokespeople from the company did not tell us when the app will be available in all countries or whether an Android version would also be released.

From what we can deduce from a few screenshots, it appears that the recently added private message feature might not be an option from the app. It also does not appear that pages can edit their “About” section on the go, but might be able to manage their admins.

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