Sports Illustrated Sr. Editor Joe Posnanski Talks About The Future Of Newspapers

posnanski.bmpToday, there is a Q&A on with Joe Posnanski, a senior editor at Sports Illustrated, columnist at The Kansas City Star, author and blogger. In addition to all his other jobs, Posnanski launched a blog called The Future of Newspapers, on which he obsesses about the future of the newspaper industry and where its all going.

While we were interested in Posnanski’s juggling of his many different roles, we were more intrigued by what he had to say about the future of the industry where he’s worked for years:

“I love newspapers, and even as I’ve gone on to work at Sports Illustrated, I still write for the Star because of the great people there and because I would like to be part of the fight. I don’t like when people get all pompous about journalism and when they start talking about how without [newspapers] there’s no democracy or anything like that. That sort of thing really bugs me. But, that said, I think newspapers have been such a part of communities for so long, and I don’t really see anything else that can do that or is willing to do that. I was hoping that we could create a conversation of what the newspaper can look like in the future.

‘Newspaper’ as a word could very well become as outdated as ‘album’ is when we talk about music. It doesn’t have to be paper to be a newspaper in my mind. When I think of newspaper, I think of something that gives you local news, local sports, the weather, all of these things that matter to us in our daily lives. It’s something that can give it to you in a one-stop shopping sort of way. I believe that people want that. I don’t think that the demand for that has gone down at all. I know that newspaper people in general like to beat themselves up about not keeping up with the times, and there’s no doubt some of that is true, but the big problem has been on the advertising side and on the circulation side of newspapers. The technology has changed, and because of that, the business model of newspapers is broken.

Just from the sports perspective, people in Kansas City don’t want to read any less about the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Chiefs, their local high schools, and Kansas-Missouri or Kansas State. They want to read more. They want more now than ever before. The demand is so high, why can’t we make this work? I think that we can, and I think we will. It’s just going to take a few breakthroughs in technology to figure out how to do it.”

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