Sporting News Writer Revisits an Ancient Coach K Correction

Two Z's, with a Y sandwiched between after an R, was easy to first-time mishandle.

Ryan Fagan, who covers Major League Baseball and college basketball for The Sporting News, went the extra mile recently while digging through his publication’s archives. He decided to track down the individual who wrote a letter-to-the-editor back the mid-1970s correcting a misspelling of Coach K’s last name Krzyzewski.

The article in question was the very first time the future Duke maestro was covered in The Sporting News. Luckily for Fagan, the writer of the letter also has a fairly unique last name – Byzina – so it wasn’t too hard to track down and telephone:

After introducing myself, I said, “This is going to sound like a strange question, but do you remember if you wrote a letter to the editor of The Sporting News back in 1975 after we’d misspelled Mike Krzyzewski’s name in the magazine?”

I felt pretty confident I had the right guy, but I wasn’t expecting his answer.

“I probably did,” the voice on the other end laughed. “I mean, he is my cousin.”

Wait, what?

Not long after the letter was sent and published, Rich Byzina and his wife traveled to Manhattan after watching cuzz’s Army team play a game at West Point, for a visit included a memorable Broadway celeb sighting. The Sporting News switched to digital-only in 2013.