SpongeBob, O’Reilly, & Falafel/Loofahs

As we enter this glorious three-day weekend, we thought we’d leave you with the latest sign that Bill O’Reilly is a crazy loon.

You might remember the flap about the sexual preference of Spongebob SquarePants, but a little known chapter of the story is how Bill O’Reilly single-handedly saved SpongeBob for little children everywhere.

Taking a break from dancing around Jeff Gannon’s scalp on a pole next to Oliver Willis’ desk, the friendly folks at Media Matters caught Wednesday’s O’Reilly radio show:

O’REILLY: I agree with you on SpongeBob, and we mocked that, and, as soon as we did that, it went away — and people say to me, “O’Reilly, you do X, Y, and Z” — I saved SpongeBob single-handedly. All right? As soon as I ran it on [FOX News’] The [O’Reilly] Factor [on January 24], Dobson and his crew shut it down. Did you notice that, doctor?

GUEST: No, I didn’t notice that direct correlation —

O’REILLY: It was over the next day. Believe me, all right? I saved SpongeBob’s reputation. SpongeBob’s my best friend now.

His best friend? Well, if you stop to think about it: What’s a loofah but a special kind of sponge?