Spammers: You Have To Admire Their Tenacity

As my follower count has increased I’ve also been hit with more spammers. As I’ve said before, these guys are always pretty easy to spot and block. Usually their choice of username alone is enough.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed that often these spammers will come in pairs. You’ll get the email from Twitter saying you have a new follower, check it out, realise it’s a spammer, and then block them. Seconds later, you get another email, and while the new spammer has a different username, their real name is the same.

Tonight, I got hit twice in a row by ‘Jason’. You have to give him credit for trying. Here was his first tweet.

Jason, Part 1

Then, literally seconds after blocking him, the next ‘Jason’ followed me, and I got this:

Jason, Part 2

I love the way the second follows on from the first. ‘Seriously’, like he was stretching the truth too much with the Range Rover, but hey, there’s still big money to be made. 😀

I’m almost tempted to follow him out of respect. Almost. 😉