South Korea to Adopt Digital Textbooks by 2015

South Korea wants to lighten the load in student’s backpacks, and on Wednesday it announced plans to digitize all textbooks over the next 4 years.

It’s not clear yet exactly what hardware will be used by students, but the plan does call for establishing cloud computing abilities in all schools by 2015, With an estimated cost of 2,230,000,000 won ($2 billion USD), the plan involves outfitting schools with the necessary support technology in addition to converting the textbooks.

The first titles to be converted will be introduced into elementary schools in 2014, with middle and high schools following the next year. The South Korean Education Ministry also plans to digitize and place online other educational resources including study guides, lesson plans, and workbooks. The Education Ministry also seeks to hold nationwide academic tests online.

via Yonhap, eShoolNews

image by the_mishka