Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Seems Better than the HTC Touch Pro2: Too Bad It Won’t Be Widely Available Like the TP2

YouTube video courtesy of SonyEricssonWorld

Sony Ericsson introduced their first high-end Windows Mobile smartphone last year with the Xperia X1. However, like Nokia and its N Series phones, Sony Ericsson couldn’t find a U.S. carrier partner for the X1. So, like Nokia’s N95, N96, and N97 the X1 became a high priced niche product for mobile tech enthusiasts in the U.S. Like Nokia, Sony Ericsson is still plugging along with its high-end phone though…

Xperia X2 to be announced today at IFA

It runs Windows Mobile 6.5. So, look for it on or after October 22. It has an 8-megapixel camera and apparently ships with a 4GB micro SD card. Like HTC, Sony Ericsson attempts to make up for Windows Mobile’s badly aging user-interface by placing their own user interface shell on top of it. They call it Panels. I was amused the the presenter in the video above made use of a variant of Apple’s iPhone slogan several times: “There’s a panel for that.”

It is really too bad that HTC’s Touch Pro2 appears to be the annointed Windows Mobile touch screen phone instead of the Xperia X2 (the TP2 has been picked up by all of the four biggest U.S. carriers). The X2 has similar specs compared to the TP2, it has a better camera, and its QWERTY keyboard includes the Windows and Tab keys that I miss terribly on my TP2.