Songify: Turn Anything You Say Into a Song. Big Thumbs Up! (Mini-Podcast 24 audio sample)

If I were asked to predict which new entertainment app will be the most downloaded this weekend, I would say:

Songify (iTunes App Store)

This free iPhone app turns anything you speak into singing that sounds like musical style used by The Gregory Brothers Auto-tune the News video segments. The app works quite differently than Smule’s “I Am T-Pain” or Glee apps. Smule’s apps apply a more traditional karaoke style that helps shape singing to be “in tune.” Songify, on the other hand, takes plain spoken words and “forces” each syllable to fit to a selected tune style. The app also take apart the phrase(s) you speak to fit the music segments. Song recordings can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can see that I used Songify to create my “annoying status update” song in the screenshot to the left.

The free app comes with a few styles that, quite honestly, will keep a lot of people amused. Additional music style packs are available for 99 cents each.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it to use in my Mini-Podcast 24 embedded below. I will be extremely surprised if this app is NOT in the top 10 free apps list in iTunes by early next week.