Somebody Stop Me Before I Rhyme Again

We already knew that the holidays were good for caroling, eating and brush clearing.

But poems? Seems like everywhere we turn, someone’s got their own holiday-like rhyme. The Washington Times’ new media columnist, Dan Caterinicchia, is the latest–and hopefully the last for the holiday season–to throw his poetic hat into the ring of iambic pentameter. His column–“The year that was, for better or verse”–drops rhymes only slightly better than Lil’Bow Wow and significantly below the Shakespearean qualities of “Chronic(what?)cles.”

    The local dial leaders are WPGC 95.5 and Majic 102.3.
    Can they hold off Howard U’s 96.3 and newsy WTOP?

Awwww, yeah…Somebody give that boy a mic. Gimme a beat!