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Google began a slow rollout on Monday of a major update to its YouTube app for Android, with other mobile YouTube app updates coming later. A Google representative told CNET that the slow rollout was intentional and not a leak of the app's installer file, or APK.

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YouTubeYouTube Lines Up its Latest Hit (CNET)
Google began a slow rollout on Monday of a major update to its YouTube app for Android, with other mobile YouTube app updates coming later. A Google representative told CNET that the slow rollout was intentional and not a leak of the app’s installer file, or APK. GigaOM One feature that has sorely been missing from the mobile version of YouTube’s platform is playlists, a popular feature on the website that allows viewers to watch separate videos in a row. The app now features playlist search and watch capabilities, allowing users to view tons of videos in full-screen mode and to swipe back and forth to skip videos. Gizmodo The app’s also getting a little tweak to help it play nice with the lovely Chromecast (or Google TV, PS3 or what have you). Whenever you connect to a streaming device, and select a video on the mobile app, you’ll get a preview window asking you if you want to play it right away, or just throw it on the TV queue. The Next Web Perhaps one of the most interesting features that YouTube offers now is picture-in-picture functionality. What this does is allow you to continue browsing through videos while watching one that catches your eye. The Verge Also included in the update are a new app icon, more prominent thumbs up/thumbs down icons, and improved landscape-mode interface for tablets. YouTube also tweaked the feature that lets you share videos, introducing a preview screen that lets you select from among multiple YouTube-connected devices.

New ‘Related Headlines’ Feature Adds Embedded Links to Tweets’ Permalink Pages (AllTwitter)
Starting Monday, for any tweets that have been embedded on websites, Twitter has implemented a new “related headlines” section on those tweets’ permalink pages. That means that when you click on the permalink of a tweet, you’ll be able to see beneath it a list of website links where the tweet was embedded, making it easy and efficient to discover stories that provide more context for newsworthy tweets. The Next Web In a post revealing the news by company’s platform services engineer Brian Wallerstein, he cites NBA center Jason Collins as an example. Earlier this year, Collins became the first openly gay basketball player and with people wanting to add his statement via Twitter to their blogs, you often needed to go to Google or various news outlets to figure out what people are saying. The Poynter Institute Everybody chill! Your close competitors’ headlines aren’t going to show up when you embed tweets. Those headlines will appear on the page for tweets you’re linking too. This post on Twitter’s developer’s blog explains things a little more clearly: “When you embed Tweets in your content, the headline of your article and Twitter account will be surfaced on the Tweet’s permalink page for all to see. We think this will help more people discover the larger story behind the Tweet, drive clicks to your articles, and help grow your audience on Twitter.”

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Visits Social Media Followers on Its Way to Space (SocialTimes)
It may be decades before men and women walk on Mars, but America’s space agency is giving the public a glimpse of the future through its innovative social media program, NASA Social. On Thursday, Aug. 15, NASA and U.S. Navy personnel hauled a bus full of 30 civilians armed with smartphones and tablets into Naval Station Norfolk to document the NASA Orion Stationary Recovery Test: the latest in a series of tests to see if the Orion spacecraft, like its predecessor Apollo, can safely carry astronauts into deep space.

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Kobe Bryant Turns a Boring Video into a Social Media Event (AllThingsD)
Twitter has 200 million users but pays a lot of attention to a handful of celebrities who use the platform. Ditto for Facebook, which is making a renewed push to convince famous people to talk to its billion users. So watch as super-savvy social media star Kobe Bryant splits the difference.

Facebook Allows Ads Manager Users to Create Up to Six Page Like Ads, Event Ads with Different Images in Single Campaign (AllFacebook)
Facebook recently introduced a new feature in its Ads Manager that allows users to upload up to six images and create up to six page like ads or event ads from a single campaign. Reader Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital alerted AllFacebook about this new feature.

UK Government Destroyed Journalists’ Hard Drives in Failed Attempt to Stop NSA Story (TechCrunch)
British authorities reportedly destroyed hard drives in an attempt to stop The Guardian from disseminating stories about classified mass-surveillance projects. Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger details how security experts from British intelligence agency GCHQ told him that The Guardian would have to either hand over their information or have their hard drives destroyed.

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Generates Positive Social Buzz with Cast Appearance at TCA’s (LostRemote)
In this week’s analysis with Crimson Hexagon, we look at how the TCA tour had a similar positive effect on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” a comedy series about detectives in Brookyln featuring Andy Samberg. It doesn’t take much besides putting Samberg in front of a camera, and this summer, 31 percent of the total social conversation has been positive about the cast of the show – mainly about Samberg’s return to TV.

Instagram Tells Third-Party Apps to Cease Using ‘Insta’ and ‘Gram’ in Their Name (The Verge)
Instagram has sent an email to an app developer who utilizes its APIs, telling Luxogram that it will need to change its brand name so that it does not include either “insta” or “gram.” There are many such apps that use the hooks that Instagram provides to build things like gallery viewers and other tools, including Webstagram and Luxogram.

Why Pinterest is Window-Shopping for the Soul (The Daily Dot)
This is largely the purpose of Pinterest: to replicate people’s desire to collect — be it clothes, hairstyles, images, quotes, food, music, or wallpaper samples — anything that collectively becomes a representation of who we are. Whether or not we ever actually physically encounter these objects is, in some way, utterly irrelevant. These things aren’t really ours, and yet they symbolize us, they are us. We feel real connection to and ownership of them, even if only for the moment we look at it there on the screen.

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