Social Media Newsfeed: Reddit Revenue Sharing | Facebook Blocks Russian Page

Reddit announces plan for revenue sharing; details remain slim. Facebook blocks a Russian page. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Reddit150x150logoReddit Announces Plan for Revenue Sharing: Redditnotes (SocialTimes)
Reddit has announced its initial plans for how it will share some of its recent funding with users. In September, the site raised another $50 million and promised to give 10 percent back to the community. The Next Web Details are still vague, but Reddit will host a random lottery to give away around 950,000 notes to divide among active users. They will then be able to deposit their notes into a virtual wallet, after which they can use the funds to “tip, donate or trade.” The Verge Company executives have made clear that Notes are most definitely not a currency, even though it’ll be based on a Bitcoin-like blockchain for transactions. It won’t be redeemable for cash, and it won’t count as shares of Reddit, even though Notes will be “backed” by equity. TIME Starting in fall of 2015, Reddit plans to notify the winning users to set up an online wallet, into which the company will deposit a “Reddit Note,” which users will be able to trade on an open exchange.

Facebook Blocks Russian Page Supporting Navalny, Putin’s Biggest Critic (The Washington Post)
In a sign of new limits on Facebook’s ability to serve as a platform for political opposition movements, Russian users appear to have been blocked from accessing a page calling for a protest in support of a prominent dissident. Russian Internet regulators said Saturday that they had sent Facebook a “demand” that it block access to a page calling for a demonstration in support of Alexei Navalny, the most prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Leaked Sony Email: Zuckerberg Tried To Kill ‘The Social Network’ Film (AllFacebook)
It’s no secret that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was no fan of the 2010 film depicting the first few years of the company, The Social Network. But the leaked emails of Sony executives show that Zuckerberg may have gone as far as to try to have the movie stopped.

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Facebook Expands F8 Developer Conference for 2015 (Re/code)
Facebook has expanded its annual developer conference to cover two full days in 2015. The conference lasted just one day in 2014 and was the first F8 since 2011.

10 Ways to Thank Your Followers Before Christmas (AllTwitter)
‘Tis the season to spread a little joy – and it doesn’t take much to bring some joy to those who have been retweeting, favoriting and replying to you all year. Here are 10 ways to thank your followers before Christmas.

Woman Slaps Old Lady For Denying Her Facebook Request, Gets Arrested (BetaBeat)
A 27-year-old Florida (obviously) woman was arrested for battery on Thursday after allegedly slapping a 72-year-old woman who denied her Facebook friend request, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The alleged slapper, Rachel Anne Hayes, “became engaged in verbal argument with a 72-year-old female, after the victim refused her Facebook friend request,” according to a news release from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

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Social TV Year-in-Review: Tumblr Head of Media Sima Sistani (LostRemote)
What of the digital water cooler you say? Oh, it’s alive and well, but for scripted television programming (with the caveat of sports and award shows which have lots of downtime), the most meaningful conversations are happening outside of the narrow broadcast window.

The 13 Most Viral Hoaxes of 2014 (The Daily Dot)
Join us, please, for a tour of 2014’s greatest hoaxes, from the overblown to the misrepresented to the utterly false — and maybe you’ll be more skeptical next time.

Retail Brands Win on Social Media With Engaging Seasonal Content (SocialTimes)
Social engagement analytics firm Engagement Labs released its retail index, ranking the performance of retail brands on social media. SocialTimes got an exclusive look at the data: Champs Sports, GameStop and Tiffany’s scored at the top.

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