Social Media Newsfeed: Google Note-Taking App | Facebook Posts

Google Launches Note-Taking App Keep (SocialTimes) Google launched an Evernote competitor on Wednesday, after news of the app was leaked earlier this week. The app, called Keep, is available for Android devices running versions 4.0 and above.

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KeepGoogle Launches Note-Taking App Keep (SocialTimes)
Google launched an Evernote competitor on Wednesday, after news of the app was leaked earlier this week. The app, called Keep, is available for Android devices running versions 4.0 and above. CNET Keep gives Google users a central place to store text, photos, and audio recordings they collect from its various services. People are doing this already in Google Docs — keeping to-do lists, recipes, and other short snippets of text on individual documents. Wired Keep is essentially Google’s answer to Evernote and the Post-It. Believe it or not, while Apple’s iOS has had a Notes app and a Reminders app baked in for some time now, Keep is Google’s first mobile app focused on solving either of these problems. VentureBeat One nice feature Keep offers over Evernote is the ability to automatically transcribe voice notes. It’s likely using the same transcription feature that Google Voice uses for voicemails. ReadWrite It will be interesting to monitor the popularity of the Google Keep service as it launches only days after Google killed its popular Google Reader service. Will users trust Google to manage their notes and thoughts for as long as they want them?

Facebook Pushes iOS Users To Post More (AllFacebook)
Are you an iPhone user who hasn’t posted to Facebook in a bit? Facebook wants to change that. Spark Capital General Partner Bijan Sabet tweeted that Facebook pushed a notification to his iPhone, asking him to post something. Mashable A Facebook rep says that the feature is in a “small test we’re running.” As Sabet’s reaction illustrates, the feature has the potential to irk users. Gizmodo Aside from the fact that no one — no one — can possibly be in need of any more phone notifications beeping, buzzing and inducing anxiety in their pocket every five seconds, this feature offers essentially zero benefit to its users. Your friends won’t notice or care that you haven’t shared a cat photo in a few days, and a lack of posting on your part means that you’re probably out living and enjoying your life.

Reddit is Becoming an Imageboard — Here’s Proof (The Daily Dot)
After President Barack Obama’s historic campaign stop on Reddit, The Daily Dot claimed the social news site is “becoming the world’s largest image forum, where famous people occasionally come to promote themselves.” Now there’s a study that backs up that assertion.

How to Follow #MarchMadness on Twitter (AllTwitter)
Twitter wants you to experience NCAA basketball in a whole new way. Find your conference and follow your team. Before each game, get behind the scenes insights from the teams. During the games, see photos and videos tweeted from fans at the coliseum. After the final buzzer, celebrate or commiserate with the teams and fans around the world.

Shutterstock Announces ‘Offset,’ a New High-End Marketplace for Stock Photos (The Next Web)
New York-based stock photography marketplace Shutterstock has announced plans to launch a new service, dubbed Offset, which will offer premium, high-end stock photos and illustrations through a new marketplace. According to Shutterstock, Offset’s content is “in an entirely new caliber” with the sort of images that you’d use as a magazine cover or a “two-page spread.”

Twitter Tied to Ratings Growth, Finds New Nielsen-Social Guide Study (LostRemote)
We’ve been waiting for the outcome of this study for over a year, and now Nielsen — along with its new acquisition Social Guide — has released new data that shows a positive correlation between Twitter volume and TV ratings. In fact, Twitter is one of a small handful of variables tied to moving the ratings needle.

Pinterest Acquires Local Recommendation App Livestar (GigaOM)
Pinterest announced Wednesday that it has acquired local recommendation app Livestar, adding the company’s engineering talent to the quickly growing social content site. While this might seem like a slightly odd fit (a photo-sharing site acquiring a Yelp-like service?), Livestar’s founder was an early investor in Pinterest, and Pinterest is likely looking to add talented engineers in the realm of mobile and social as it grows.

Twitter Untangles its Overgrown Org Chart (AllThingsD)
Like any company going through a growth spurt, Twitter’s organizational structure has become complicated. Twitter made significant structural changes to a number of departments earlier this month, shuffling around key managers in the hope of streamlining some of the more dysfunctional aspects of the company’s interdepartmental communication.

Ears-On with Spotify Social, The New ‘Follow’ Feature Now Available to Everyone (TechCrunch)
Spotify Wednesday confirmed to TechCrunch that it has finally completed the rollout of its new social following features that model music discovery after offline behavior — where you find songs through tuned-in friends and influencers. Here’s our hands-on demo and review of Spotify’s move to discovery through actual humans instead of algorithms.