Social Gaming Roundup: Zynga Lawsuits, MapleStory, War Games, & More

Zynga LawsuitZynga Sues Vostu Over Copyright Infringement — Zynga has filed a lawsuit against Brazilian startup Vostu in California federal court over copyright infringement, reports TechCrunch. Vostu allegedly copied everything from exact game mechanics to “mistakes” (such as government buildings in CityVille not needing a road connection) in many of the social developer’s top games.

In response to the allegations, Vostu states that “Zynga has been accused of copying so many games that they’ve sadly lost the ability to recognize games like ours that are chock full of original content and have been independently created.”

[image via TechCrunch]

TeePee Games Launches Facebook Application — Social/mobile/online Flash games discovery platform TeePee Games has announced the launch of its new Facebook application. Through the app, users will be able to access the “Geronimo” discovery engine in order to find recommended games for their interests. Additionally, users will be able to see what games their friends are, or have been, playing. TeePee Games received $500,000 in angel funding late last year for the launch of its discovery platform.

MapleStory AdventuresNexon Brings MapleStory to Facebook — Nexon, the maker of popular free-to-play online game, MapleStory has announced that its Facebook counterpart, MapleStory Adventures is hitting closed beta. In this incarnation of the game, players will be able to play a simplified version of MapleStory, hosting the same customization style players are used to as they complete tasks and quests throughout Maple World as either a Magician or Warrior. Read our preview of the game here.

Army Attack Goes to War With Empires & Allies — Digital Chocolate has issued “The Army Attack Challenge” to social gamers. The developer has challenged users to play both Army Attack and Zynga’s Empires & Allies and decide for themselves which is the better game. The challenge was issued due to the fact that user ratings for the Digital Chocolate title have been rated higher than that of Zynga’s which, earlier this week was 5 out of 5 stars versus 4.6 out of 5 stars respectively. Nevertheless, Empires & Allies still holds millions more daily and monthly active users.

Everloop Raises $3.1 Million — Kids social network Everloop has raised $3.1 million in funding this week. Investors include Band of Angels, Envoi Ventures, Richard Chino, Wayne Goodrich, Deena Burnet-Bailey, and additional investors. The children’s network offers everything from music and videos to social games.