So That’s What Those Ivy Leagues Do With All Their Money

Princeton 1874.jpg

We’ve spent a minute or two on the Princeton campus in the course of our addled educational career, and were always struck by the disparate-ness of the architecture. Sixties brutalism next to burnt-out-and-then-rebuilt classicism next to Venturi’s monorailed Frist–yes, that Frist–Center. Finishing down the list, the Vinoly-designed science building opened last year and Gehry’s science library (funded by, of course, Peter B. Lewis but not involving Mr. Jolie) is under construction. But we always thought there was nothing to really tie the room together. Seems the people running shit felt the same way. So they did what any reasonable ridiculously endowed group of powerful people does. And hired Beyer Blinder Belle to fix things. Who then got an A to C-list of architects and landscapers to help them out. Princeton is asking them to spend two years and “take a
fresh look at the 400-acre campus and outline how it might grow in the future.” Who knows, we might have embraced academia by then and be able to originally report on the changed campus. For now, we’re just concentrating on sending our best thoughts to the Garden State. It needs it.