Sixteen Year Old Author Hits 6.5 Million Reads: Top Stories Of Summer

After less than a year as a member of the online writing site Wattpad,16-year-old author Abigail Gibbs had already earned more than 6.5 million reads. Her book Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I’m vegetarian? has been a favorite.

Welcome to our Top 15 Stories of Summer Series. For those of you that spent the summer traveling around on your yacht or out of touch at your beach house, we are rounding up our most popular stories from the summer. The story about Abigail Gibbs was part of our Digital Writer Spotlight series.

Wattpad Inc. CEO praised her work: “Abigail has been an amazing writer to have onboard Wattpad. She is as dedicated to her fans as she is to her writing and her work continues to grow in popularity. Someone comments on a Wattpad story every seven seconds and Abigail’s message board is filled with 36,000 comments by readers with requests for more chapters and asking where they can buy her book.”