Six Months of Issues Later, Arem Duplessis Looks Back at the NY Times Magazine Redesign


Since everyone is looking backward this week, what with New Year’s and all, we thought we’d share our pick from that theme as well. The Society of Print Designers have gotten a chance to talk to Arem Duplessis, the NY Times Design Director about last June’s big redesign of the paper’s Sunday magazine (actually, “big” is perhaps a bit incorrect, given that the redesign was brought on by the paper’s decision to trim pages from it). Duplessis, already a friend of SPD, having won their awards and popped up at their various events, felt enough time had passed between now and the original launch of the new look, and provides some great insight about every portion of the redesign, down to the font selections (Knockout, Dino dos Santos, and Lyon Text):

We were attracted to Lyon because it’s well drawn, very legible and nice to look at, but also slightly more condensed than our previous body copy, which in turn allows for more words per line (very beneficial when your page shrinks). For our serif display we chose a font called Esta for its versatility and had the designer (Dino dos Santos) draw several more weights and customize some of the characters. He renamed our version of the font Nyte. Having a versatile serif face is key for us because we cover such a broad range of topics. Finally, we chose Knockout. We wanted a face that would help us give our cover and interior headlines more impact. Knockout is a condensed face, allowing for larger display. It also has a nice variety of weights, which helps make it a great workhorse font. .