Simon and Garfunkel for the Headline Win

A front-page variation attuned to the print reader's median age.

The use of different headlines for the online and print versions of the same article is as old as Al Gore. But the practice can still provide a vivid reminder of the consuming audiences diaspora.

Online today, the Journal & Courier, a Gannett newspaper in Lafayette, Ind., is all business:

Boom! It’s like an instant traffic report for the smartphone set. However, on the front page of today’s print edition, the story looks a little different:

Yes, that’s a clever, inverted Simon and Garfunkel reference, for a layout that also ropes in a related column by Dave Bangert. Which makes sense, since the median age of a great majority of those still picking up a newspaper on a weekday correlates tenderly with 1970.

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