Should PR Pros Join Google+ Communities?

We have to admit that we haven’t really kept up with Google+ (who has?), but the service made another attempt to encroach upon Facebook’s turf last week by introducing Google+ Communities. Now we know what you’re wondering: How does this affect me (if at all)?

Well, this week saw the creation of several  Google+ groups for PR professionals –and today Muck Rack’s Jess Lawlor took a look at three of the earliest adopters:

  • The Public Relations group, launched by Sarah Evans of Tracky and listed as “A place for PR pros to talk about workflow, tools, tips, etc…”, “will host monthly hangouts featuring PR subject matter experts.”
  • The Online Public Relations group will, of course, concern all things digital with a heavy focus on social media.
  • The UK-based PR and Public Relations group seems a bit more general, but its members have already begun submitting plenty of content.

As you can see, groups continue to spring up at a rapid pace: We’re intrigued by one dedicated to “PR, Marketing and Social Media Measurement”, one all about PR/Advertising Fails, and one that’s more geographically specific (PR Professionals of India).

What do we think of these new PR communities? How long before they turn into the big, spammy mess that LinkedIn groups have become?