One notable journo who made waves in the Fields of Opportunities in Iowa this week was Politico’s Mike Allen. Who else can land in Iowa and obtain an EXCLUSIVE with second-tier candidate Rick Perry? With the latest showing Perry in FIFTH place among the field, surely he’s a very busy man. So, today, we present Shot/Chaser, an examination of Allen’s presence in the Hawkeye State.

SHOTMike Allen sits down stands up with Governor Rick Perry to talk about the recent rumors from Perry’s staff that his campaign was poorly run. When Allen asks Perry if he took some responsibility for the dysfunction in the campaign, Perry will hear NONE of it.

All Perry can do is look at Allen asking “Got a name?” over and over again. To his credit, Allen bounces back strongly by staring at Perry the way my dog looks at me when I turn on the coffee grinder in the morning.

CHASER Mike Allen. LITERALLY. According to Michael Shear of the NYT, Allen chased down an SUV with Mitt Romney to give him a gift.

Politico’s Roger Simon tweeted to Shear that they were Politico T-shirts. What else would they be, FishbowlDC T-shirts?