Shaq Sex Tape Story Gets Weirder

What yesterday seemed like simply another bizarre LA story got quite serious today. In the case of the gang members who kidnapped and beat a man named Robert Ross in pursuit of an alleged Shaq sex tape–the LA Times is reporting that police are investigating whether Shaq and his business partner Mark Stevens put the gang members up to it.

The details are wild:

Ross told investigators that events leading to the kidnapping started with a business deal gone sour. Ross introduced rap artist Ray J to O’Neal’s and Stevens’ record label expecting to receive a percentage of the profits but was later cut out of the deal. Around the same time, O’Neal, who was having marital troubles, had his wife followed by a private investigator who took photos of her having lunch with Ross, according to the report.

Ross, upset over the deal, told Stevens and O’Neal through a friend that he had a surveillance tape of O’Neal having sex with a woman at Ross’ home in July 2007. Ross told investigators that he was “bluffing” to get the money he felt he was owed. The attack occurred two weeks later.

Wow. I mean, we’re not uncovering rampant pedophilia in Afghanistan or anything, but a damn interesting read.

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