Shales’ Biggest Fan

Responding to an Extreme Mortman’s diss of Tom Shales after his anti-Howard Kurtz comments, TV barn’s Aaron Barnhart sticks up for his fellow TV critic: “Tom Shales is arguably the greatest TV critic of the past 25 years. His sheer output, his ability to inject point-of-view, his likes, his dislikes, even his peculiar flaws (why he must comment on the weight of every actress and newswoman out there is a mystery to me) … name one other critic who puts that together in a package, jumbo-sized or otherwised, and makes it so damned compelling year after year. You can’t. There’s a list of one and Shales is it.” Somewhere Shales is blushing.

And about that Kurtz burn: “As for Shales going after Kurtz — and this following on the heels of Tony Kornheiser dumping on fellow Postie Paul Farhi for panning his ‘Monday Night Football’ debut — these public dustups simply confirm what a lot of journos have heard over the years about the ridiculously cutthroat Washington Post newsroom culture. Let’s play hardball, indeed.”