‘#SFBatkid’ Wins the Week for Make-A-Wish

In a week filled with bad news and terrible behavior, it’s nice to end things on an inspiring note.

Five-year-old lukemia patient Miles Scott has thoroughly charmed the Internet thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco, which transformed into DC’s Gotham today to fulfill his dream of fighting crime as his favorite super hero.

It was a collaborative production: Police closed off the roads so Batkid could arrive in his own Batmobile (a black Lamborghini outfitted with the appropriate decals), Police Chief Greg Suhr recorded a video calling for his help, and the San Francisco Chronicle “planned to distribute special-edition newspapers with the headline, ‘Batkid Saves City,’ in Union Square, where a flash mob was set to gather”. Many of the people attending today’s event were volunteers.

More pics after the jump:

Here he is with his namesake after saving a woman tied to the cable car tracks:

Here’s his archenemy The Riddler, who couldn’t stand up to his superb crime-fighting skills:

Here he is on lunch break (note the size of the crowd cheering him on):

And here he is with the most appropriate possible quote:

SFBatkid lives in Northern California. He was diagnosed with lukemia at only eighteen months and is currently in remission after ending treatments in June—and as of this post, he had nearly 6,000 Twitter followers even though he doesn’t know how to use the service.

His father thanked the Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation, the city, the approximately 7,000 people who made this happen and all others experiencing similar conditions, saying:

“I hope they get a conclusion to their illnesses like we’re getting.”

It’s OK if you teared up a little bit. We just did.

(Top photo via Jeff Chiu of the Associated Press)

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