Seventeen Launches Editorial Assistant: The Video Game

seventeen_061107.jpgFlash girls

Thank The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty, but now teens across America dream of becoming editorial assistants. Seventeen magazine figured that would make a damn good Flash game. The result? The new Editor’s Assistant. In the game, players get to perform the job of virtual EA to Seventeen EIC Ann Shoket and real life Shoket assistant Clair Windsor also makes a cameo. Over at WWD, they picked up the gist of the game pretty easily:

The objective is to complete as many of a week’s worth of administrative tasks without angering the not-surprisingly demanding boss. Virtual assistants then begin the game by customizing a character with a specific hairstyle and an outfit for the day (because, according to Windsor, what you wear “is very important thing when you work at a magazine.” … In addition to managing her to-do list, players must manage their boss’ emotions — a “happiness meter” measures the boss’ mood as the player works through the day. As the player completes each task, she earns points and extra ticks on the “happiness meter.” If she’s fast, the assistant could receive special treats of appreciation — a bouquet of flowers, a latte or a virtual trip to New York Fashion Week.

The online game on Seventeen‘s site follows the recent addition of Flash gaming content to another Hearst Magazines property, Cosmogirl.