Gets A Little More Sociable has revamped its website in order to, as editor in chief Ann Shoket explained to us earlier this afternoon, better reflect a “new evolution of social.”

It’s not that the site has implemented social networking capabilities where none existed before — allowing for the easy sharing of content has always been a major goal at because, as Shoket points out, the generation currently visiting the site has never not known a world where the internet played a huge focus. They expect to be able to keep in touch not only with one another, but also with magazine and website editors. For these girls, a back-and-forth relationship with the media they consume is nothing new.

With that in mind, made sure that the content on their site was easily integrated with Facebook, via Facebook Open Graph, and Twitter, so that visitors could continue to share content with one another. To take that level of instant communication to the next level, however, has also collaborated with Meebo. Meebo gives readers the option of sharing content by dragging and dropping information into a Meebo Bar that follows readers across the site. Meebo is platform agnostic, and thus allows users to connect with their friends across various social media networks and with site editors through instant messaging.

Other changes to the site include expanded video content on every page, a quiz tool that integrates content across Hearst Magazines Digital Media Teen Network and allows users to share results across social media networks, and a celebrity news and gossip hub that lets visitors easily navigate and find constantly updated information, gossip, pictures and more about their favorite celebrities, both mainstream and up-and-coming.

And that’s not to say that the print edition of the title has been forgotten —, in fact, helps drive print subscriptions, with other half a million or so having been sold through the website.

The changes, says Shoket, mirror Seventeen‘s commitment to be “Seventeen Everywhere.” That is, to reach readers wherever they may be, be it at their laptops or perusing a newsstand.