See and Buy Dasha Zhukova’s Design Picks

Among Zhukova’s picks are Sebastian Wrong’s “Logger Head” table light and a miniature “Therapeutic Toy” elephant by Renate Müller.

“Design really thrives when it pushes boundaries,” says Dasha Zhukova, founder of the Moscow-based Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. And while she adores edgy furniture, such as Jonathan Muecke‘s primordial carbon fiber and epoxy chair, as a self-described couch potato, she’s also a sucker for a comfortable sofa. Clever and cozy coexist in the 20 unique and limited edition design objects Zhukova has selected for Artsy, the online art hub that recently underwent a hasty rebranding after its URL encountered snafus related to tensions in Syria (the country hosts the .sy domain).

“This collection comprises pieces by cutting-edge designers who are experimenting with new materials and manufacturing processes,” says Zhukova, who is an investor in Artsy. “I chose objects that are accessible and functional on one hand, yet conceptually challenging on the other.” All of the works, drawn from leading galleries such as Victor Hunt and R 20th Century, are available for purchase directly from the site. Prices top out at $10,000–a sum that will get you Front Design’s mesmerizing “Surface Tension Lamp” (below), which generates its own ever-changing bulb made of a soap bubble.

(Photo of Zhukova by Patrick Demarchelier)